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The Beginning...

James Proctor, born in 1836 first came upon the idea for stoking boilers automatically whilst working as an engineer for a local company. His experiments resulted in the first patent for his invention in 1875 which he named `Proctor`s Mechanical Stoker`. Almost 50 more patents were taken out for improvements, modifications and alterations during the next few years and in June 1902 the company was registered as James Proctor Ltd.

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In subsequent years coal and ash handling equipment were added to the product portfolio along with new designs for more automated stoking systems which resulted in sales of equipment to the far corners of the world and a reputation as a world leader in coal burning technology.

Successive generations of the Proctor family have steered the company over the decades with new designs and innovative products serving the demands of a changing world.

Today, this philosophy of invention and innovation continues apace with the current emphasis on energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Advanced burners, fuel and electricity savings, emissions reductions, renewable energy options...

...The Future